Poliittisesta mielikuvituksesta ja taiteellisesta tutkimuksesta

“Finally, artistic research itself is a form of utopian thinking. It involves new ways of doing research and collaborating, re-defining our understanding of knowledge as well as the practice of art and art itself. Many things that used to be uncommon and “utopian” fifteen or twenty years ago in academia, like multidisciplinary research, embodied research and artist’s practice as a form of thinking, just to mention a few, have established their place as a part of research processes – at least in art universities. The most utopian aspect in artistic research is that it is not a stable set of methods to be followed strictly, but an open format that includes an opportunity to develop new methods and renew them with each study. As a result, it can also be thought of as a form of political imagination.”

Pilvi Porkola kirjoittaa poliittisesta mielikuvituksesta ja taiteellisesta tutkimuksesta JAR – Journal of Artistic Research julkaisussa, lue lisää täältä